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4.3.10 release

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Please note down problems discovered with 4.3.10 here. You should also raise the issue on other channels, either on the Allegro developer's mailing list (preferred) or the Allegro Development forum. This list is so we know what should be checked before the next release.

  • 7zip doesn't preserve execute bit, causing trouble for people who try to use .7z (and maybe .zip) archive on Unix-like platforms
  • loadpng/ doesn't support macosx*, msvc*
  • logg/ doesn't support macosx*, msvc*, djgpp
  • allegrogl/ doesn't support macosx-universal
  • jpgalleg/ doesn't support macosx-universal
  • should convert files to Unix format by default, otherwise you get weird cpp errors building from the .7z/.zip archives on Unix