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Addon writer's guide

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Addon Writers' Guide

For now, just some things you definitely should do:

  • Add documentation. It may be some work, and you can argue that reading the .h files provides just as much info, but it makes the addon much more useable.
  • Add at least one example. It just makes evaluating the addon for someone who is not sure if he/she wants to use it much easier - even if the example seems trivial.
  • For file-type addons, provide packfile versions of the load/save routines, so someone reading from .dat or .zip or other archives, or from memory data, will not be left out.
  • For driver/packfile/font addons, try to implement a reasonable amount of the vtable. The more, the better, generally :)
  • If the addon is written in C, which it likely is as Allegro addon - use a proper prefix for all public symbols. This will make name-clashes with other libraries much more unlikely.

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