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Jump to: navigation, search is the premier online community for the Allegro library. While the site is owned and maintained by Matthew Leverton, most of the content is provided by the members via participation within group discussions and their own project pages.

(Note: is endorsed by, but isn't owned or controlled by Leverton.)


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As is designed, maintained, and financed solely by Leverton, he naturally controls how the site operates and has the final say on every decision. However, most of the site is self governed as each member is responsible for maintaining his or her own project page, bio, etc. There is a small group of moderators (Bob, ReyBrujo, wearetheborg) who assist in keeping order in the forums. Generally speaking, all the members behave nice enough to prevent the need of any major "policing." (And those who don't are quickly disposed.)

The site is not the official home of the Allegro library itself (that distinction belongs to, nor does it have much to do with the actual development of the library. However, almost all active Allegro developers and supporters of the library regularly visit the site, so it does end up feeling very much like the official club house or hangout.


Origins of

On 18 July 1998 Barry Gillhespy announced(1) the grand opening of the Allegro Games Depot on the Allegro mailing list. It initially contained an alphabetized list of seventy different Allegro games, complete with descriptions, pictures, and links. It quickly grew in popularity, making it hard for him to keep up with all of the updates by hand. To make his job easier, Matthew Leverton wrote him an offline administrative tool to maintain the growing database of games. Using it, the website could be quickly published to static HTML files.

People were surprised to read six months later on 11 January 1999(2) that Gillhespy was closing the Depot due to burn out and a lost database file. He offered to pick an official successor to the site if there were any interested volunteers. Five days later, he announced(3) that he had chosen Leverton and described some of the new features that would become the foundation of

The Allegro Games Depot was moved to (and later, keeping the same general format of listing games. On the 24th of April 2000, the expanded to first resemble the current site was opened to the public.(4) Since then, features have gradually been added to the site in a spasmodic fashion.

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  • 18 July 1998: The Allegro Games Depot (AGD) is launched by Barry Gillhespy
  • 11 January 1999: Barry Gillhespy announces that he is stepping down from the AGD.
  • 16 January 1999: Matthew Leverton releases the new version of the AGD.
  • 24 April 2000: is launched.
  • ...: Lots of stuff happen.
  • December (?) 2005: starts hosting the project-files. Previously, they were just linked to.
  • 10 February 2007: becomes an alias for Thomas Fjellstrom's Allegro wiki to increase its exposure and credibility.