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This page is intended to be a handy reference to things that need to be done to keep the wiki in good shape.


Should you find any pages you think might need some work, please don't hesitate to mark it appropriately.

  • For instance, if a page is Outdated, add {{Outdated|reason here}} at the top
  • If a page is woefully incomplete, add {{Incomplete}} at the top
  • If a page is even less than incomplete, add {{Stub}}
  • If a page has a lot of, or is mostly just undocumented code, add {{Undoc}}
  • If a page is messy, or otherwise doesn't fit the Manual of Style add {{Messy}}
  • If a page just has no point at all, add {{Vfd}} (Vfd stands for Vote For Deletion)

Thank you for helping to keep the wiki a safe and reliable source of Allegro information!

Pages that need work

In no particular order: