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Allegro 5 is the most recent version of Allegro and has major changes over all the previous Allegro versions. In addition to a complete rewrite of the API, changes in Allegro 5 over the Allegro 4 version include the addition of hardware acceleration and an architecture structured around an event system.

Because of the API rewrite, Allegro 4 programs do not transfer directly into the Allegro 5 API. Though adapting an existing Allegro 4 program to work with Allegro 5 functions is possible, it is generally recommended that programs be rewritten in Allegro 5 to take advantage of the new design intentions, like the event system.

Installing and Building Allegro 5

Installing Tutorials

These tutorials show you how to install with the pre-built binaries using different IDEs and compilers. If you don't see your system listed here, see the manual building instructions in the next section.



Building Tutorials

These tutorials show how to build Allegro from scratch, which is necessary if there are no pre-built binaries available for your system, or you want to try out the unstable version of Allegro outside of its snapshot releases.


Mac OS



Using Allegro 5

These tutorials teach you how to use Allegro 5. Starting with the absolute bare necessities of display creation, and extending into all the various addons for music, and fonts and primitives.

These tutorials assumes you are fairly competent in C/C++.



Non Official Addons

External Recommended Websites

Miscellaneous and Historical Articles