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Allegro 5 Features

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Allegro 5.0

Allegro 5.0 supports the following features:

  • Support for Windows using MSVC or MinGW, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS.
  • Managing one or more display windows in full screen or windowed mode.
  • 2D Graphics routines: bitmap drawing, memory bitmaps, sub-bitmaps, deferred drawing, blending, direct memory access through bitmap locking.
  • OpenGL and Direct3D integration, OpenGL extension management.
  • Transformation matrices.
  • Event driven input handling, custom events.
  • Support for joystick, keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen input devices.
  • Loading of configuration files.
  • Portable file I/O, file path and file system handling.
  • Portable memory management.
  • Timers and time handling.
  • Portable thread handling.
  • UTF-8 string routines.
  • Fixed point math.

Additionally, the following features are optionally available through well-integrated addons:

  • Flexible audio and audio stream system.
  • Audio codecs for .wav, .flac, .ogg, .it, .mod, .s3m and .xm. files.
  • Converting between various color formats.
  • Loading TrueType or bitmap fonts, text rendering.
  • Image loading and saving in BMP, PCX, TGA, PNG and JPEG format.
  • Using a block of memory as if it was a file through the Memfile addon.
  • Native dialogs.
  • Loading resources from archives via PhysicsFS.
  • Drawing 2D primitives.

Allegro 5.1

Allegro 5.1 additionally supports the following features:

  • Android OS.
  • Shaders
  • Touch input.
  • Native menus.
  • Haptics & force feedback (currently on Linux only).