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Allegro 5 Tutorial

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Installing Tutorials

This tutorials shows you how to install with the pre-built binaries using different IDEs and compilers.

Mac OS

Building Tutorials

In this section hopefully you'll learn how to build Allegro from scratch. Remember that this process on Windows might be very tedious and only has one advantage over the pre-built binaries and it's the fact that allows you to use the latest versions of Allegro which is in development and unstable, but may include new features that you could be interested in, like Allegro 5.1 that for the moment of this writing has the possibility of converting manually memory bitmaps to video bitmaps and that's a great feature if you're working with different threads.

Mac OS

General Articles

Game Design & Concepts
Non Official Addons

API Tutorials

In these tutorials we will attempt to teach you how to use Allegro 5. Starting with the absolute bare necessities of display creation, and extending into all the various addons for music, and fonts and primitives.

This tutorial assumes you are fairly competent in C/C++.

  1. Displays - Learn to create a display
  2. Events - Learn about events and how to use them
  3. Timers - Learn how to use timers
  4. Bitmaps - Learn how to create and draw bitmaps
  5. Input - Learn how to get input
  6. Threads - Learn how to use the thread interface
  7. Addons - Learn about Allegro's various addons
    1. Primitives - Learn how to draw primitive shapes
    2. Fonts - Learn how to use fonts and draw text
    3. Audio - Learn how to play audio