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Allegro 5 Tutorial/Addons

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In this section we will teach you all about Allegro's addons. Splitting up what seems like core features into several separate libraries was done to make maintenance easier, as well as keep a handle on run time dependencies. If all of the addons were part of the core Allegro library, you'd have to link to all of the dependencies, even if you didn't use any of them yourself.

The current official Allegro's addons are:

  • allegro - the core functions
  • allegro_main - a compatibility libarary that allows int main() to work across all compilers. Do not confuse this with the base allegro library. It does not include any functionality. It is only required on OS X.
  • allegro_acodec - audio codecs (e.g., .OGG, .WAV)
  • allegro_audio - the basic audio subsystem
  • allegro_color - converting between various color formats
  • allegro_dialog - native dialogs (e.g., Open File)
  • allegro_font - basic bitmap fonts
  • allegro_image - image formats (e.g., .JPEG, .PNG)
  • allegro_memfile - an interface to load files from memory
  • allegro_physfs - an interface to load files from abstract locations (e.g., a .ZIP file)
  • allegro_primitives - basic drawing functions (e.g., rectangles, lines)
  • allegro_ttf - loading .TTF fonts