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The Allegro GUI is widely regarded as ugly and painful to use and program for, however it is included with Allegro, which makes it simple to integrate into an Allegro application. Dr Inanis' Gui Clinic offers a tutorial for the Allegro GUI.

List of available Allegro GUI addons/replacements

  • Adime - Create dialogs on the fly by passing string descriptions to a function, maintained by Sven Sandberg.
  • AGUP - This one is just some nicer themes for the stock Allegro GUI, maintained by Allegro developer Peter Wang.
  • Allegro GUI implemented as PHP - By Matt Smith & anyone who wants to help :)
  • Allegro Theme - By Annie Testes, currently off-line.
  • BGUI2 - Maintained by Gillius.
  • CGUI - Huge GUI with an impressive list of features, maintained by Christer Sandberg.
  • DUI - An XML parser / scripter for allegro GUIs that also includes AGUP themes.
  • Guichan - C++ GUI designed with games in mind. Design is similar to Java Swing and can abstract over Allegro, SDL, or [OpenGL]. Maintained by Per Larsson and Olof Naessen.
  • LEXGui - Broken link. By Lennart Steinke.
  • MAGE - By Matthew Smith.
  • MASkinG - Miran Amon's Skinnable GUI, by Miran Amon, written in C++.
  • NASGui - By Steve Terry.
  • SAGGUI - Simplified All Gaming GUI, intended to provide GUI elements specifically for games, by juvinious.