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Allegro Hack Day

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Next IRC meeting

Personal Preference

Place yourself in the table if you plan on attending. Enter the time / range that works best for the day. It will only be held on one of the dates. May 12th 12:00 UTC is the proposed date and time, so try to be flexible.

Person May 5th May 12th Comments
BAF No Yes
Elias  ? 12:00 UTC*
Evert No No
Matthew Leverton Any time Any time

(*) Preferred day


  • structure of 4.3 with regards to addons, e.g. we could put a .png and .ogg addon into SVN as separate directories, but have a way in the build process to include them. Possibly as separate .dll/.so files by default, to avoid license problems.
  • parallel installation of 4.3 and 4.2
  • MSVC profect file (no asm): mingw is broken under Vista; building Allegro on it is difficult.
  • Integration of AllegroGL/OpenLayer 3d/acceleration layers.


Previous "hack days"