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Allegro Hack Day/2007 April 7

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An IRC discussion for the continuing development of Allegro.

  • Proposed time: 2007 April 7 (Saturday), 12.00 UTC
  • Proposed channel: #allegro-dev (or should it be in #allegro?) on
  • complete logs: Allegro Hack Day/logs


  • 4.2 branch (only bug fixes allowed?)
  • Input/events
  • OS X
  • Display
  • Graphics (bitmap manipulation)
  • OpenGL
  • Sound API

Attendees: If you think you might make it to the meeting put your name here

  • allefant
  • CGamesPlay
  • kazzmir
  • mimix
  • Tomasu
  • tjaden
  • Evert [under provision]

Topics brought up during meeting: (4 hours from 12.00 - 16.00 UTC)

  • more official lead/dev structure
  • more documentation on the allegro core, and dev structure is needed (imo, Tomasu)
  • Drop Autotools for Unix
    • CMake and Scons already work just fine in Linux/Unix, and Autotools only works perfectly in unix/linux
  • 4.2 branch (what I (Elias) read out of it..)
    • in general, we should focus on 4.3
    • windows resizing (not categorically no, but need to work on at least on Windows/OSX)
    • draw_sprite_*_ex (need more detailed proposal, but in general, if it fixes a gap in 4.2 API, can go in)
  • OSX (if 4.3.1 doesn't work there, no big deal, but we should try fixing)
    • kazzmir (and ultio?) seem to be volunteering
  • Windows (issue with theming under Vista)
    • seems we still have no Windows people at all
  • Display
    • <tjaden> it seems we are all agreed that AL_DISPLAY and AL_BITMAP are different
    • allefant will try to put up revised API proposal including the above
  • Graphics
    • Group into essential and non-essential (helps when deciding what to implement first)
    • <tjaden> selecting bitmaps and whatnot is essential, drawing ellipses is not
  • Sound
    • KittyCat's version, would be nice to have it in an SVN branch.. but nobody volunteered to move it there
  • VTables
    • more or less agreed that for base internal stuff, 4.2 is fine, for things like the file system hooks enum based, and if other things are likely to be touched by extensions, can also make them enum based
    • might use a C++ hack proposed by KittyCat at some point, so things like bitmap->blit(...) would do the same as al_blit(bitmap, ...)
  • VFS: Tomasu keeps working on it in his branch