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Allegro Hack Day/2007 June 09

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  • allefant
  • Hitman
  • leverton
  • MattyMatt
  • mimix
  • tjaden
  • trentg


  • D3D driver, amiga port, windows-asm stuff, resizable windows, DS port, all the other stuff i don't know about..
  • 4.3/4.4 (create the branch. version number. put in allegrogl? c-only by default? what else?)
  • 4.2.2 release
  • display API spec


  • Display API
    • clarified current display and target bitmap a bit
    • decided that we need to clarify how AL_BITMAPs are tied to AL_DISPLAYs, e.g. should destroying an AL_DISPLAY automatically destroy AL_BITMAPs tied to it?
  • Graphics API
    • drop multiple clipping rectangles (again?)
    • drop masking in favor of a function to convert a mask to an alpha channel
    • AL_BLEND/AL_LIT is only mentioned in Bob's API but not defined - need to come up with a complete specification
  • 4.3/4.4
    • Will create 4.3 branch after 4.2.2 is released, like discussed last time (OpenGL, resizable windows, draw_sprite_ex)
    • Might contain the D bindings
  • 4.2.2
    • To be out soon
    • Will include the MSVC project files (need to be committed yet)
    • Will support DMC in Windows
    • Might include the Amiga port


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