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Allegro Hack Day/2007 May 12

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  • Elias
  • kazzmir
  • Matt Smith
  • Matthew Leverton
  • Milan
  • Peter Wang


  • structure of 4.3 with regards to addons, e.g. we could put a .png and .ogg addon into SVN as separate directories, but have a way in the build process to include them. Possibly as separate .dll/.so files by default, to avoid license problems.
  • parallel installation of 4.3 and 4.2
  • MSVC Project Files (no asm): mingw is broken under Vista; building Allegro on it is difficult.
  • MSVC project file WITH asm using gas2masm, a util supplied with the Quake 1 GPL source. Some of the asm is already written for MASM by Stefan Shimanski (include/allegro/al386vc.h). If anyone can contact him he may be valuable.
  • Integration of AllegroGL/OpenLayer 3d/acceleration layers.
  • What is required to be in 4.4(5.0) and what is optional


MSVC Project

  • Currently uses PHP script, which adds another dependency to the build. (Perl and Python are already used.) If someone volunteers to rewrite ML's PHP script, then let him.
  • build files will live in build/msvc6, build/msvc7, build/msvc8. Also, build/scons, build/cmake.
  • Matt will work on ASM version for 4.2.
  • The C DLL will be renamed for 4.2. Rename the DLL? I thought we'd only agreed to rename the funcs. oh well this works too - Matt Smith
  • Note that the /LTCG option produces incompatible .lib files for MSVC. Probably only important to those who distribute binary versions.

Misc. Platform Comments

  • DOS isn't supported in 4.3.
  • A single distro for all platforms is easier to maintain than individual ones.

Display / GFX

  • Not much as been done since last meeting (see API proposal)
  • The best way to get it done is to just start working on it. Details can be ironed out.
  • What can be excluded? eg: patterns, clipping
  • How to handle primitives? Cairo?

Version 5.0

  • What needs to go in it?
  • Should working things be dropped (FLI player, GUI, etc)?
  • 4.3 will be renamed to 4.9. The 4.3 branch will be used for merging AGL.


  • Probably will be handled much like in 4.2, but some addons might be bundled with the Allegro source.
  • when/how should AllegroGL be merged?


  • a discussion regarding committing/merging with 4.2/4.3,
  • How to handle documentation (wiki, ._tx, natural docs, etc)?

Action Items

  • Elias
    • finish Display/Gfx spec
    • work on X11 implementation of Display
  • Matt Smith
    • build 4.2 with MSVC version of asmlock.asm
  • Matthew Leverton
    • finish MSVC project generating script
  • Milan
    • implement AGL vtables
  • Peter Wang
    • write a roadmap
    • move 4.3 branch to 4.9


Allegro Hack Day/2007 May 12/log