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* CIA-xx - SVN Commit Announcement
* CIA-xx - SVN Commit Announcement
* BullMoose - Tomasu's bot
* BullMoose - Tomasu's bot
* Redundant - BAF's bot
* [[Redundant]] - BAF's bot
==No longer regulars==
==No longer regulars==

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The Allegro IRC community consists of 3 IRC channels on the freenode IRC network. #allegro, the primary channel, is where all members congregate to discuss both Allegro related and non-Allegro related topics. #allegro-support, the support channel, is dedicated solely to Allegro issues with no off-topic discussion. #allegro-dev, the development channel, is where the Allegro Hack Days are held.


Allegro's IRC community, like Allegro's, is very open. Participants are generally expected to simply "play nice" with one another, but occasionally we do have problems. When problems arise, you can refer to the Allegro IRC management to find aid.

The people of #allegro

Active Members

  • angasule
  • BAF
  • CGamesPlay
  • DDustin
  • entheh
  • Funklord
  • Katiechan
  • kazzmir
  • KewlioMZX
  • KittyCat
  • kronoman
  • LordBob
  • LrdMtrod
  • MattyMatt
  • mokkan
  • Sevalecan
  • Solak
  • Tigge
  • Tomasu
  • Trezker
  • and more...


  • Allegro - CGamesPlay's bot
  • CIA-xx - SVN Commit Announcement
  • BullMoose - Tomasu's bot
  • Redundant - BAF's bot

No longer regulars

  • stoney
  • Oddish
  • Ceniza
  • Inphernic
  • X-G
  • fatso-
  • lillo
  • MikeDX
  • Paranoima
  • X-Viila
  • _sven

The History of #allegro

Allegro was created around 1995; see here.

The #allegro channel on EFNet was probably founded around 1998/99. It is said that even Shawn Hargreaves was there once in the first days.

The most famous regular is probably game programming legend Matthew Smith.

Here a quote from dwi:

<dwi> i'm thinkint was early 99 we started using #allegro, mainly for private discussions we didn't want in #djgpp


Allegro version is 3.12

Regulars include gfoot, X-Viila, ChadC (dwi), networm.

Controling channel bots: canis?


Allegro version is 4.0.x

All the people from drop into #allegro.


In April of this year, Shawn Hargreaves makes his second visit to #allegro.


The channel is watched over by Allegro, Paranoima's bot; Rashnu, Ceniza's bot; and BullMoose, Tomasu's bot. In April, Ceniza is replaced by BAF and Rashnu by BAF's bot, Redundant.

During the summer, the channel moves over to freenode on CGamesPlay's behalf. If nothing else, the war of controlling bots seems finally over with that.


Allegro is now a registered freenode group (so who wants can get allegro.user hostmasks)


The channel #allegro-support was created for users who feel that there is too much off-topic chatter going on in #allegro. Additionally, #allegro-unregistered was created as a spill-over channel for unregistered users when #allegro is under attack by a spammer.


Since January 2007 a CIA bot reports directly any changes to the Allegro code.