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The History of #allegro

Allegro was created around 1995. See here

The #allegro channel on EFNet was probably founded around 1998/99. It is said that even Shawn Hargreaves was there once in the first days.

The most famous regular is probably game programmers legend Matthew Smith.

Here a quote from dwi:

<dwi> i'm thinkint was early 99 we started using #allegro, mainly for private discussions we didn't want in #djgpp


Allegro version is 3.12

Regulars include gfoot, X-Viila, ChadC(dwi), networm .. hm, anyone got logs? I don't..

Controling channel bots: canis?


Allegro version is 4.0.x

All the people from drop into #allegro.


In April of this year, Shawn Hargreaves makes his second visit to #allegro.



The channel is watched over by Allegro (Paranoima's bot), Rashnu (Ceniza's bot) and BullMoose (Tomasu's bot). In April, Ceniza is replaced by BAF, and his bot Rashnu by BAF's bot Redundant.

During the summer, the channel moves over to freenode on CGames' behalf. If nothing else, the war of controling bots seems finally over with that.


Allegro is now a registered freenode group (so who wants can get allegro.user hostmasks)


The channel #allegro-support was created for users who feel that there is too much off-topic chatter going on in #allegro. Additionally, #allegro-unregistered was created as a spill-over channel for unregistered users when #allegro is under attack by a spammer.


Since January 2007 a CIA bot reports directly any changes to the Allegro code.

What you should know when you join for the first time

1. Please don't ask to ask, or ask if somebody can help, or ask if somebody will help: if you have a question to ask, then ask that question and hopefully you'll get some responses.

2. Also, ask specific questions. We can't answer questions along the lines of "Application X won't compile".

3. Finally, never ask a specific person, unless your question relates to that person or his or her work in some way. That means you don't open private message windows in order to ask general Allegro questions. You will annoy the person in question, and are much less likely to get an answer than if you ask in the channel. (You need not be embarrassed about asking - we all have to ask questions sometimes.)

There is much more detail on how to ask questions at . However, please note that the authors of that document are NOT involved with Allegro and cannot answer your questions. Ask your questions here.

Prepare to get your ass flamed to crispy'n'charred if you go around asking stupid questions while i'm present. --fatso-

Various people tried to force their own doctrines onto #allegro, like but they rarly succeed :) --elias

The people of #allegro

Active Members


  • Allegro (formerly known as CBotsPlay) - CGamesPlay's bot
  • CIA-xx - SVN Commit Announcement
  • BullMoose - Tomasu's bot
  • Redundant - BAF's bot


  • stoney
  • Oddish
  • Ceniza
  • Inphernic
  • X-G
  • fatso-
  • lillo
  • MikeDX
  • Paranoima
  • X-Viila

Nick confusions

  • Thrion == Tonis
  • MattD != MattyMatt != MikeDX (they are all different ones!)
  • Owet = Zimppa = Drumcode = Exitialis = Eradicor (All are same guy :S)
  • karthik = guilt = tliug == dukepukeem
  • dwi == ChadC
  • kazzmir == Jon
  • evert not Evert Glebbeek