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Allegro IRC management

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What You Can Do To Keep #Allegro a Clean and Healthy Place

#Allegro is an IRC community where anyone can gather to have friendly chat and get Allegro-related support. Unfortunately, it also is prone to anoyances by useds who don't like to play along. FreeNode has worked to implement many ways to deal with these users, some of which are employed in #allegro.

Facilities In Place (Background)

#Allegro is moderated (+m), with all users being automatically voiced by default. This means that you may speak in the channel until you have been devoiced by one of the moderators. Once this happens, you will not be able to speak for the duration of the time you remain in the channel. If you cycle (part and re-join) to get back in to the channel, you are liable to be added to the list of users to not automatically voice. If you continue to be a nuisance, you will be added to the autorem list, which will ban and kick you if you attempt to enter the channel.

In the case of a spammer attack, #allegro may be set +r. When this mode is in effect, users will be forwarded to #allegro-unregistered. If you register your nick with NickServ you will not be redirected there. For more information about registering your nick with NickServ see Freenode's page on nick registration.

If you do not want to register your nick, you can either wait until #allegro has quieted down (usually an hour), and try to join again, or you may use #allegro-support to get technical support questions answered. Note that off-topic conversation is prohibited in #allegro-support.

Facilities In Place

Here is a reference of the commands which can be used to help manage the channel.

Level 10 moderators

  • /msg ChanServ VOICE #allegro -user - Removes voice from the user, preventing them from speaking.

Level 15 moderators

  • /msg ChanServ AUTOREM #allegro ADD nick reason - Bans user nick with reason reason.
  • /msg ChanServ UNBAN #allegro mask - Unban a host mask, if it is banned by accident.
  • /msg ChanServ OP #allegro - Op yourself, to do miscellaneous channel management.

Channel Management As a User

If there is a problem, you can PM CGamesPlay, User:Tomasu, [BAF64], or any of the users listed in /msg ChanServ ACCESS #allegro LIST.

If you feel a moderator has acted against you unfairly, please private message BAF, CGamesPlay, or Tomasu.

Channel Management As a Moderator

As a channel moderator, you can forcefully quiet and remove trouble users. Please follow this sequence when dealing with troublesome users. Reminder: Never use your moderation capabilities to quiet a user because they disagree with you.

Please follow this chain of events for dealing with trouble users:

  1. Try to calm the user through dicussion. Ask the user nicely. Be a catalyst.
  2. Devoice the user, using this command: /msg ChanServ VOICE #allegro -user, where user is the trouble user's nick. If you are a level 10 moderator, you can not go any further in this list. Contact a level 15 or higher.
  3. Set channel mode +r and add the user to the autorem list, using this command: /msg ChanServ AUTOREM #allegro ADD nick reason. nick should be the user's nick name, and reason should describe what the user was banned for and the date. The nick field can actually be any host mask pattern (*!*@*, for instance), but by using the nick name the ban list will remain clean. Channel mode +r will help limit the user's ability to change his nick to avoid the ban. If you must ban a hostmask independent of nick, leave a reference to the original nick in the reason field of the ban.