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{{Allegro Rupee Trading System}}
{{Allegro Rupee Trading System}}
I'd like to introduce a new community project for, where people put their talents to use and leverage the knowledge of others for the greater benefit of the community.
I'd like to introduce a new community project for, where people put their talents to use and leverage the knowledge of others for the greater benefit of the community.

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Allegro Rupee Trading System
Performance Reviews

I'd like to introduce a new community project for, where people put their talents to use and leverage the knowledge of others for the greater benefit of the community.

Let me explain. Imagine three members, Mike, Dave and Brent.

Mike is a pixelation wizard. Mike has just finished a new shareware allegro game, widely acclaimed for its beautiful polished graphics. He would like to get it ported to linux and Mac OS X. The problem is that he doesn't really know Linux, and he doesn't even have access to a Mac. The game is closed-source, but it isn't raking in the dollars just yet so he can't just pay somebody to do it.

Dave is new with allegro. His programming skills are really not great. He's good with web design though. He has started up a few team projects that got nowhere at all. For each of these projects he created a nice website with separate forums and dynamic contect all with php and AJAX. The games themselves got nowhere though. Perhaps if he could get some serious help in the graphics department, he could kick some life in one of these projects.

Brent is a great developer. He's doing work on the Mac OS X port of allegro. Plus he is a debian package maintainer, and he hacks away on a few open source projects. His projects are listed on his website, which has a "designed for netscape 1.0" button on it, next to the eternal "work in progress" line (with blink tag). He'd really like to update his website, but then he has to read up on CSS and with all his other projects he really hasn't got the time.

The ideal solution for these three people, of course, would be that Mike creates graphics for Dave, Dave updates Brents website, and Brent ports Mikes closed-source game. Everybody happy. This kind of deal is not very likely to happen though. Who is in reality going to sit down like this and mix and match needs and opportunities? Besides, would Brent be prepared to port a closed-source game for free, or would Mike be willing to share some of his (probably very low) profits?

Introducing: the Allegro Trading System. Hereby I introduce an imaginary currency unit, which I shall call the "Allegro Rupee" (with a wink to the Zelda Games), and the value of 10 rupees will be roughly equal to one hour of work. Allegro members will be able to post jobs and advertise their talents on these forums, and do some work in exchange for Rupees. The currency is completely virtual, and an impartial and trustable accountant (i.e me, for now) will keep track of balances and transactions.

(Of course this type of thing is often called a Local Exchange Trading System [], except that this one is not Local in the literal sense)

How will this work in practice?

  • You sign up by sending me a PM. (Only members can sign up). For this you will get a one-time only interest-free loan of 50 Rupees. This is the equivalent of 5 hours work. The initial loans are necessary to bootstrap the system.
  • You advertise your talents on these forums (you can do that in this thread for now), and at the same time offer jobs for others.
  • If you want to make a deal, you should make agreements by PM or by email. You should approach this like a business deal, putting pay, time schedule and deliverables in writing as well as possible.
  • You can charge an hourly rate or a fixed amount. 10 rupees per hour should be the norm, but if your skill is in high demand you may charge a little more. Since there is no actual money involved, you shouldn't be too worried about getting ripped off. The worst that can happen is a few hours of work going to waste. Of course, since this is a small online community freeloaders will be exposed quickly, and stealing is impossible because there is only one place where balances are kept.
  • For the moment, I will do bookkeeping by hand. If the system gains popularity, we'll set up an automatic web interface.
  • When the work is done and you are ready to pay, send me a PM telling me how much you want to pay to whom, and I'll do the bookkeeping and send PM's with the new balances to both involved.
  • You can enquire anybodies current saldo with me by PM.
  • I will closely guard the current value of the rupee. As with real money, printing more money leads to inflation. The only time rupees are added to the system is when a new member signs up and takes out a loan of 50 rupees. This I guarantee.

We could set up a more democratic form of government in the future, but for now I want to see how many people are actually interested. Don't be afraid that this will cause you a lot of work. If you want to join but don't want to spend more than say 2 hours per month, that is just fine. It will mean that you won't have many rupees to spend, but that is ok too. Remember that the things you are going to do are those things that you enjoy and are good at, so they should be easy for you.

I've given a few examples of what skills you can offer, here are some more examples

  • writing documentation
  • writing tutorials
  • testing
  • testing on different platforms
  • translation to your language
  • spell checking in your language
  • pixelated graphics, sound, music, 3D models, level design
  • openGL experience
  • network programming experience
  • experience with specific algoritms or techniques
  • cross-platform makefiles
  • scripting
  • writing development tools
  • optimizing stuff
  • etc...

See for more information