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Allegro Rupee Trading System talents

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Allegro Rupee Trading System
Performance Reviews

Here you can post your talents.

Allegro Rupee Trading System - Talents


  • GFX: my GFX are perhaps not great, but not that bad either and I like to do it. Check e.g. the screenshots of Mars for stuff I can do.
  • trigonometry stuff
  • Astar pathfinders
  • translating / spell-checking Dutch
  • optimization
  • PERL data mangling / text parsing, or any PERL related issue
  • anything related with Bioinformatics / Biology
  • java GUI's in SWT


  • testing and porting to Linux
  • translation to my language (slovenian) and spell checking
  • programming nearly everything: gfx rendering (plain Allegro and OpenGL), audio and music programming, AI, etc.
  • user interface design and implementation
  • writing development tools (editors for all kinds of stuff)

Mark Oates

  • Audio/Sound Effects
  • Web Design/PHP/JavaScript/MySQL
  • OpenLayer
  • Graphics/Titles


  • decent CSS and PHP skills
  • translation to Italian
  • decent C\C++ programming with 2d Allegro, but i'm sure there are dozens of better programmers on these boards
  • can port to Windows
  • i'm studying Computer Engineering so i guess i could learn a few useful things with time

Kent Larsson

  • Translation from English to Swedish.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • Writing things in LaTeX - A document preparation system.
  • Making automated diagrams using Graphviz Dot
  • Plot functions / data using GNUPlot
  • Programming in C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, PHP
  • Automata theory and formal languages
  • Testing things in Windows XP Professional (with latest patches / service packs )

David Schwingenschl�gl a.k.a. indeterminatus

  • Translation/Spellchecking to/in German (with specialization in Austrian dialects)
  • Coding in C++, Java, C# and PHP
  • Libraries: Allegro, OpenGL, OpenLayer, TinyXML
  • Anything related to STL
  • Testing on Windows XP (SP 2): cygwin (gcc 3.4.4), MinGW (gcc 3.4.2), VC++ .NET (express)
  • Project management/organization
  • Software Engineering Principles and Techniques: Design Patterns, Software architecture, ...
  • Writing LaTeX documents
  • Experience with several scripting libraries (also implementing own VM, language and compiler)
  • Most of the "common game algorithms": A-Star, ...
  • Artificial Intelligence (focus on higher-order logics, like deduction systems)

James Stanley - Stanley Software Productions

  • Porting to Linux
  • Programming (but usually too busy with my own projects)
  • Writing documentation
  • Very simple (therefore cheap!) web design. See for an example.
  • Very simple (therefore cheap!) graphics.
  • Testing on Linux
  • Bug fixing


  • Hipoly 3D static object modelling (for example prerendered GFX for games) , Specialized in Mechanical designs
  • 2D picture manipulation and 3D composing over 2D image
  • Possibly Low-poly modelling for games (if stays very simple)
  • Digital video editing and post processing
  • Since i have been educated with some Dramaturgy, i could prove usefull when concidering storylines in games. So i offer consulting in this matter.

Nils Fagerburg

  • OKish CSS, XHTML, MySQL and PHP skills
  • Translation to French
  • Testing on Linux
  • Bug creating (not an incredibly useful skill really)


  • Thorough testing and bug reporting
  • Music composition (any style, delivered as .xm, .it, .mp3 or .ogg)
  • Testing on Win2K, WinXP, machines with unusual specs
  • Low-polygon environment models (trees, structures, vehicles, etc)