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Allegro TODO

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This is the Allegro 5 TODO. For the old Allegro-4 TODO list, see Allegro TODO/4.2.

Updates or comments can be sent to the Allegro developer's mailing list <>, preferrably with the text [TODO] in the subject.

4.9 todos

  • Shaders addon - An addon which make the use of HLSL/GLSL easier. Software support is probably not useful, but the code should work with D3D/OpenGL. Right now you have to use OpenGL if you need shader and want to support OSX and Linux as well as Windows (and don't want to write separate code for Windows).
  • Smoother interoperability with OpenGL (see for some points)
  • Scan code for "TODO" and "FIXME" and "XXX" comments and get rid of these
  • Replace all tabs still present in the code with spaces. It may be painful, but we should do it at some point or the old Allegro 3.12 style never will disappear.
  • Fix all bugs here:
  • At some point, before 5.0.0, go over the API and remove some naming inconsistencies (e.g. al_is_* vs al_*_is, and many other things)


MacOS X todos

  • Audio currently uses OpenAL, "native" CoreAudio might be desirable (not needed)
  • Joystick code only handles 'simple' devices
  • Mouse cursors not working on fullscreen (display/hide work; setting anything other than the default arrow seems not to be possible)
  • Packaging into OS X friendly format (frameworks and bundles)


  • Fix multi monitor support once NVidia's driver isn't horribly broken

Minor TODOs

Before Allegro 5 is released:

  • Remove "nu", "a5", "new", etc. from file names, especially from include file names.
  • Go through all the source files and replace tabs with 3 spaces.