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Allegro TODO/4.2

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This is the public TODO list for the Allegro Game/Multimedia Library. It is mirrored here from the SVN version:

Updates or comments can be sent to the Allegro developer's mailing list <>, preferrably with the text [TODO] in the subject.

Temporary notes

4.2.1 todos

General (Platform independent) todos

  • Make the library internally thread-safe.
  • The dependency generation seems to be quite broken, and far more complicated than necessary. Remove all the misc/dep*scripts, and simply call "gcc -M" on every source file.
  • Investigate making the mixer mutex globally accessible, and add locking e.g. to set_volume.

DOS todos

  • Write a unified Sidewinder driver.
  • Fix buggy dos/wss.c.
  • grabber compiled with bcc32 5.5.1 crashes on exit in release mode, but not debug mode.

Win32 todos

  • Add a configuration option to specify the monitor on multi-monitor systems.
  • Re-enable docs build with a MinGW cross-compiler.
  • Investigate Alt+Tab pop-up window being overdrawn in windowed mode.
  • Investigate problem with keyboard in the dxwindow test.
  • Modify convert_hbitmap_to_bitmap() behaviour with 8-bit DDBs.

Linux todos

  • Fix fb 24-bit scrolling (allegro presuming padding?).
  • Awaiting svgalib folks to provide an atexit-free vga_init [forget it, svgalib is dead].
  • Make at least one sound driver take advantage of multiple hardware voices.

X11 todos

Unix todos

  • Tidy up the configure machinery.
  • Implement load-on-demand for modules.
  • Fix modules support on IRIX (export-dynamic is ignored).
  • Fix problem with alunixac.h #defines leaking into user programs.

MacOS X todos


  • Replace Quickdraw driver

BeOS todos

  • Launching programs from the Be menu still doesn't work (Tracker works though).

QNX todos

  • Display switching in fullscreen mode.
  • Overlay gfx driver.


  • polygon() should draw bottom pixels. I.e. polygon() with 4 points should produce the same shape as rectfill()
  • ellipse/circle should use a better algorithm to give a uniform outline, not the current "crispy" look (in fact, it's just very inaccurate). And there should be a way to have even width ellipses.
  • Variable line thickness on graphics primitives.
  • OSS MIDI pitch bend is wrong.
  • size_t where appropriate (get more opinions first).
  • Keyboard set_rate.
  • More hardware accelerated functions? Trans/lit sprites come to mind.
  • Framebuffer hardware accel via XFB or DirectFB (?) library/driver.
  • Implementation of request_refresh_rate for fbdev, since apparently you can set video modes with a great detail (scanlines, memory, etc).
  • Better get_config_text support, with multiple fallback configuration files (you can have lot's of them under linux), which is not supported at the moment (IIRC two at most).
  • Split setup in two: user program and configuration library. This would allow easier merge process of configuration program into real user programs, as well as modifying the interface and "look'n'feel". The lib should be written in such a way to support future additions without the need of rewritting the user setup ui.
  • Hook function to handle window resizing.
  • DirectMusic 6 MIDI driver.
  • More modularity under Linux.
  • Threaded Alsa driver, since the current one doesn't work properly for at least one person.
  • Speed up the X11 driver, so it is comparable to SDL in performance.
  • Add an option to the X11 driver to use the current palette in 8-bit mode.
  • Disable screensaver in X11, as the Windows port does currently.
  • Make (at least truecolor) mask color modifyable.

Makedoc wishlist

  • Add shortdesc support for makeinfo.
  • Make makeinfo spit out a "detailed node listing" after the short one, like many other info manuals (like GNU make).
  • Generate plain LaTeX output for proper pdf/postscript output. This would potentially allow more flexibility with the final look.
  • Lout output?
  • makexml as template for next generation makedoc?