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About the Allegro Wiki

[quote Matthew Leverton]I think you should write up something simple on <> that lists who runs it (you and anyone else you might think actively helps organize it), what kind of content is expected to go on the site (vs, and that while being officially endorsed by, it does remain a community project and is not "owned" by me in the same sense that is.[/quote]


We should write up who "Runs" the wiki (me for one, and other admins), provide information on what type of content is expected to be placed on the wiki, and that while "officially" endorsed by, it is a separate project and is not owned by Matthew Leverton.

Also, Move the "Help & Documents" and "Code Gallery" sections over to the wiki, and at some point, move any "lists" of links to things over to the "Resource Directory" on

Just got the message from Matthew, its 1:22 am, and I've been up way too long, so I'll have to defer for now -- Tomasu 01:25, February 10, 2007 (MST)