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Welcome to the Allegro Wiki community portal. This is the place where Allegro Wiki contributors organize the efforts of building a bigger and better Allegro Wiki. Come on, we are always hiring new editors!

How to contribute to the Allegro Wiki

The first step to contributing to the Allegro Wiki doesn't involve writing articles at all. The wiki benefits from users simply reading pages. By doing this, you familiarize yourself with the way the Allegro Wiki works, and what pages have already been written.

When you are familiar with the Allegro Wiki, the simplest way to contribute is to find where the Allegro Wiki is incorrect and make corrections. For instance, if you find an article that contains spelling or grammatical mistakes, or is categorized incorrectly, simply changing it to be correct aids the wiki.

Finally, when you feel comfortable writing for the Allegro Wiki, there are several resources to help you get started.

  • For a short introduction on how to create an article, see Writing your first article. Read this if you are new to editing Wikipedias in general.
  • For information about the customs unique to the Allegro Wiki, read through the Manual of Style. You don't need to read the entire thing, just use it as a reference as you write content.

Where the Allegro Wiki needs help

If you have a specific article that you want to write, then by all means, use the search box to go to the page and begin writing! Please make sure that no other pages on the topic exist, and if one does, consider expanding it rather than creating a new article. If you don't have a specific article in mind, reading the Articles needing improvement category will tell you of all the "trouble" pages on the wiki. Underneath that category, the following categories deal with specific problems with articles:

  • Stub articles - These articles have been started, but don't have enough content yet. If you are knowledgeable on the topic of the article, you can help to finish it!
  • Incomplete articles - These articles are close to completion, but there are still sections of the article that have not been written. Find the "TODOs" in the article and see if you can fill them in.
  • Messy articles - These articles have all of their content in them, but are formatted improperly or contain spelling or grammatical errors. Read over them and make them look nicer.
  • Missing articles - Pages that are linked to by other pages but don't yet exist. If you can create enough content on the page to at least make it a good stub, then please do!

Ongoing projects

These sections of the web site are ongoing, but incomplete, projects being undertaken by the Allegro Wiki authors. You are welcome to contribute.

  • Pixelate - Articles from the ex-online publication, Pixelate, are being moved into the Allegro Wiki for neatening and preservation. Helping involves taking an article, converting it to the wiki format, and correcting the grammar and spelling of the article.

System operators

If you are a system operator, these pages may also be of interest to you:

  • Votes for deletion - Pages than have been proposed for deletion. Review the reasoning and potentially delete the page.
  • Double Redirects - Pages that redirect to pages that redirect are listed here. These should be removed (the first redirect should be updated to point to the final page).
  • Broken Redirects - Pages that redirect to pages that don't exist. These should be removed.
  • Missing categories - Categories linked to by pages but not yet defined. These should be created and placed into the hierarchy, if appropriate, otherwise they should be removed from the articles that use them.