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Manual of Style
Naming Convention

Following are a few naming convention guidelines you should consider using when naming articles.


Use CamelCase titles when the subject of the article is mostly known through a CamelCase name. In example, PlayStation, MediaWiki, etc. However, don't use camelcase titles in Twiki format, therefore an article named "BuildingAllegro" should be named "Building Allegro". Redirects created to handle these cases should be categorized with the {{redirect from twiki name}} template.

Titles starting with lowercase

Articles can start with a lowercase character if the trademark being referred to is intended to be lowercase. For example, "eBay" or "freenode" are correct names; however, "allegro" is not ("Allegro" is the proper title).

Titles in lower or upper case

Please avoid creating articles with full lower or upper case, unless the trademark states so. If the trademark conflicts with the most known variation of the name, use the latter, creating a redirect from the trademark to the article. In example, "PLAYSTATION" is the real trademarked name of the console, however its most known variation is "PlayStation". Since it is much more possible for a casual reader to search for "PlayStation" instead of "PLAYSTATION", create the article at "PlayStation", and create a redirect from "PLAYSTATION" to "PlayStation", categorizing it with {{redirect from alternative capitalization}}.

Please do not create an article in the incorrect capitalization (in example, at "ALLEGRO" instead of "Allegro").