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Allegro Wiki:Manual of Style (categorization)

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Manual of Style
Naming Convention

When you are ready to publish an article, you need to place it into the categories. This section of the manual will help you decide how which categories are appropriate for your article.

Introduction to categories

Categories at the Allegro Wiki are organized in a a hierarchy. At the top of all pages is the Categories category. This "root" category has two subcategories, Articles, which contains all of the Allegro Wiki articles; and Wiki, which contains all of the special pages, such as the Manual of Style.

Choosing categories for an article

Within the Articles category, articles are split apart by topic. By browsing this category, you can get a feel for how articles are organized. Your article must be placed into at least one category, and there is no limit to how many categories your article may fall into. However, an article placed into a category must not also be placed in any parent category.

For example, an article written about a C bitmap loading function for Allegro can be placed in the Allegro tutorials category, the C language category, and the Graphical programming category. However, the article may not be placed in the Allegro category as well, because the Allegro tutorials category is already in the Allegro category.

Placing articles into categories

Once you have an idea of which categories your article fits into, you can add them to the article by making a link to the category page at the bottom of the article. Example:

[[Category:Allegro tutorials]]
[[Category:Graphical programming]]

This Wiki markup places the article into both the Allegro tutorials category as well as the Graphical programming category.