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Manual of Style
Naming Convention

When creating article content, a few basic guidelines should be followed in addition to using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Stub, incomplete, and messy articles

Stub articles are those that have been partially written, but lack enough content to be called complete. To mark an article as a stub, put {{stub}} at the end of the article text, before any categories. Stub articles should only be used when the original author has created a significant amount of content already. Do not create a stub article as an "article request", hoping that someone else will write the article for you. Articles that contain a few sentences or less will be deleted.

Incomplete articles are those that are mostly written, but still have some items left to be completed. To make an article as incomplete, put {{incomplete}} at the top of the article text, and put {{todo|What needs to be done}} at the areas that need improvement.

Messy articles have all of their content finished, but need to be proofread for spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors. TO makr an article as messy, put {{messy}} before the text of the article or section that you are marking.

Linking to other articles

When discussing a topic that has its own page on the wiki, or another web page, you should make the relevant words a link to that topic's page. However, only the first occurrence of a topic in an article should be a link. For example:

If there is a problem, you can PM [BAF64], CGamesPlay, or Tomasu. If you feel a moderator has acted against you unfairly, please private message BAF, CGamesPlay, or Tomasu.

Notice how the three users were links to profiles in the first occurrence, but not in the second. The user's names should not appear as links anywhere other than the first occurrence in the article.