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Manual of Style
Naming Convention

Following are a few naming convention guidelines you should consider using when creating sections in articles.

The, A, An...

Avoid using "The", "A", "An" and similar words at the beginning of a heading section. Instead of "An introduction", use "Introduction" directly.

Avoid repeating the subject

There is no need to repeat the subject of the article in headings. Therefore, use "Introduction" instead of "Introduction to Allegro" in the Allegro article. However, you can use "Introduction to Allegro" if the article is about different libraries.


Capitalize only the first word of the heading title, as well as proper names. Do not capitalize words like "The", "A", or "An". Do not capitalize verbs or pronouns.

Special characters

Avoid using special characters in headings, like [, ], {, }, & or similar.