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Allegro Wiki:Manual of Style (naming convention)

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Manual of Style
Naming Convention

Following are a few naming convention guidelines you should consider using when naming articles.

The, A, An...

Avoid creating article starting with The, A, An or similar words. Thus, instead of "The Allegro library", consider using "Allegro library" instead. This increases the possibility of casual readers finding the right page through the "Go" button.

Exclamation and other marks

Avoid using special characters like #, &, / or ?, as they may confuse the server or readers. Also, avoid using punctuation marks like : (as it divides the namespace name from the page title), dot, commas, exclamation marks, etc, as these are unnecessary. Thus, instead of "Allegro library!", just use "Allegro library".


Article names should only capitalize proper names, as well as the first word in the title.