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Thanks to the following organizations and people that have kindly sponsored the wiki:


Nooskewl Software is an independent game developer with a team spanning several countries. We are currently working on a title that is yet to be announced.


Do you like stuff? Do you like Alex? Do you like Alex on Stuff? look no further!


The wiki is currently in good shape and is not in need of donations. If you feel the overpowering need to support the wiki anyway, start with submitting some new Tutorials, useful code snippets, or help finish or edit existing articles! And if you _still_ have the need to donate something, contact Tomasu and He'll help you out.

If you'd like to donate money, use the button below.

The recipient will be "BullTech", Paypal wanted a company name for the business account, so I gave them one.

Thanks to everyone past and present that has donated in one form or another.

Recent Donations

Who Amount

Past Donations

Who Amount
Timorg $11.23x2 (22.46)
Sausage $100
Kazzmir $50
Phate $35
Derezo NCIX Discount
BAF Harddrive offer
SteveT Harddrive offer