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This article is incomplete and needs some revision or has some pending TODOs. Please help Allegro by editing and finishing it. When the article becomes complete, you may remove this tag.

Anyone and everyone is invited to contribute to the Allegro wiki and help it grow!

To write or edit an article, you must have an account. You'll be asked to log in when you try to edit any article. (Alternatively, you can use the log in link at the top of the page.)

Creating a new article

An article lives at a URL based off its name. To add a new article, just type in the name of the article you wish to create after in your address bar. So if you want to create an article named "Installing Allegro," just visit and click the edit tab.

TODO: Introduce naming conventions. (edit)

Assigning an article to a category

Either choose a suitable category from the list or create a new one. Then, follow these instructions.

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