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=== Wesnoth ===
=== Wesnoth === 1000ds of 72x72 pixel unit/monster animations and other stuff. License is GPL, so only use if your game is GPL as well. 1000ds of 72x72 pixel unit/monster animations and other stuff. License is GPL, so only use if your game is GPL as well.
=== Rachel Morris' ===
 +  Some RPG character sprites and some tiles.

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About Graphics Depot

This is allegro's temporary royalty free graphics resource. All graphics must be made by the user uploading them. No graphics ripped from copyrighted games are allowed to be posted here; it is most likely against the law to do so anyway.

MicahCrow's Graphics

Tiles for a pacman game.

Knight Who Says Ni's Graphics

These are some miscellaneous tiles and particles I drew. They're not the best but its not like I am forcing you to use them.

AriesNL's Graphics

Hammerhead fighter

The enterprise from startrek the next generation

a romulan warbird

a smaler romulan ship

a cursor with 3D look

an other cursor

a laserbolt

a turret, the dome is in the middle of the image so it's easy to use with rotate sprite !

a fighter ship

Johan Halmén's graphics

I've done some graphics for some game projects that I abandoned before I got them finished. Here's a 2 MB png image showing a die in lots of positions. With this sprite sheet you can animate a rolling die on a board using an isometric view. The image is large, so I just put the URL here. And thanks to progek for


Diea04.png There are about 40*12 of these in the sprite sheet. They are rendered with PovRay. Oh yes, royalty free. You don't even have to give credits. No mentioning. Nothing. No, wait! A friendly thought. Yes, a friendly thought!

Amber's graphics

Some space invaders: Invader top.png Invader middle.png Invader bottom.png

A gun turret: Gun5.png

A spinning sphere thingy: Spinsphere.png

Assorted 32x32 tiles: Tiles.png

Assorted isometric tiles: Isot.png

Ib Quezada's graphics

Misc buttons, this button can be modified with Photoshop, it has all the layers, one for text, other for the button's shape and the background: (Couldn't upload PSD files on allegro's wiki).



Startgame.gif Exitgame.gif




Wilson Saunders' graphics

Assortment of fantasy sprites (humans, goblins, lizard folk).
ElfRapier.JPG ThrowAxLizard.JPG GobWarior.JPG
Download them in bmp form here:
I have made some ground tiles that can convert to other tiles without making hard edges and would like share them with you. Here is an example:

XtDirt.JPG Here is the rest of them:

Here is some badly commented code that uses these tiles

Elverion's Graphics

Particles.png Aquaspirit.gif Conflict morbd.gif Earth.gif Pheo.gif Strike.gif Sun.gif
Bare.PNG Archaic equips.PNG Swords.PNG RPG CHARACTERS.PNG
Houses, part 1:
Houses, part 2:

Matt Smith's Graphics

Gryph-05.png A griffin walking. Gryph-fly-2.png A griffing flying.

Paul whoknows' Graphics


I made this graphics some time ago, I made them for an member(I can't remember his name). These graphics can be used as place-holder for animated characters in top-view RPGs. These animations are cyclic(loop-friendly). If you need them in .PNG(better alpha support) just let me know.

Dummy front.gif Dummy back.gif Dummy left.gif Dummy left down1.gif Dummy left up1.gif


An animated monster I created in the old ugly D.O.S. days. I didn't have a good sense of proportion back then.

Monster.png MA3.gif

8 Frames Explosion

The first(and last) explosion I've made.


Andy Clifton's Spaceships and stuff

A while back I made a bunch of rendered spaceships, explosions, etc., for a top-down space shooter game that never materialized (at least, not yet). But all the sprites are available (PNGs with alpha) here:

Direct links to the images:

  • Explosions.png
  • Twinkle.png
  • ships.png
  • creatures.png
  • powerups.png

Ron Novy's Images

Here are a few "Powered by Allegro" graphics created by Ron Novy but never used. They look really cool when you fade from Version one into Version two.

PBAllegro.jpg PBAllegro2.jpg

Raen's Graphics

Isometric Monopoly board (256 colours).


Large version:

Audric's Graphics

Low-resolution fonts 7X8B.png 6X9L.png Colored font 9x12steel.png

CursedTyrant's Graphics

A tileable starfield:


Grass tiles:


Some rocky-muddy background tiles:


Don Freeman's Graphics

A blank gray keyboard you can use freely for whatever:
Blank Keyboard Gray.png
War Land unit info test:
War Land Unit Info Test.png
War Land symbols: (that seems need to be viewed by themselves?!)
A Simple HUD:
Simple HUD.png
Radiation warning button:
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical symbols:
NBC Symbols.png
Hand cursors:
HandCursor1.png HandCursor2.png
My old Baldur's Gate style interface:
Old BG Style Interface.png
Some of my early War Land terrain works:
Old WarLand Terrain Features.png
A nice little nuclear explosion, could be used as other explosions I guess...
Another mouse cursor set:

Some Other Person's Graphics

Other resources

Note: Those are not public domain, so carefully read the license in each case. Sometimes you may be permitted to use them, but not to modify them. And you may sometimes be required to display a copyright notice. Or you may be required to release all your own graphics under the same license, if you publish them together with any of the used ones.


If you want some roguelike tiles: Has also lots of nice item icons:

Reiner's Quite some good stuff as well.

Wesnoth 1000ds of 72x72 pixel unit/monster animations and other stuff. License is GPL, so only use if your game is GPL as well.

Rachel Morris' Some RPG character sprites and some tiles.