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Imperium Continuum

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Imperium Continuum

A Template Universe for sharing resources for games.

Not connected to the Yahoo Group of the same name, which they had first, damn.

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It is currently the year 2470AD. Humans have colonised many stars. They have encountered several alien species who are usually hostile, so humankind is dominated by the military. An Emperor on Earth rules the core of human civilisation. Secession is dealt with by a blockade by the Imperial Fleet, unless the strategic interests of the Empire are threatened in which case sterner measures are taken. The empire is secular, and religious freedom is practised, although several churches have large political power bases of their own. The Empire is confident, expanding with human expansion into uncharted space and ready for more hostile encounters.

No dates have been decided, but events happen in the following order

  • Star flight achieved
  • First Colony
  • Aliens Encountered
  • War with Aliens, Earth wins
  • Emperor ascends
  • Imperial Space Cruiser name to be decided dispatched to Planet Hick to investigate disaster


Add planets here. They should all orbit known real stars, and ideally you should avoid conflicts with known data about real exoplanets. There is enough data in online directories to determine the plane of many solar systems, but I don't know how to interpret this data into cartesian for a 3d star map.

I also have no idea if there is a standard way of representing star positions relative to the galaxy with respect to Sol. This means I can't calculate the Cartesian co-ords from the alt/azi data in astronomical maps. It would be nice to gather this data for all nearby real stars, whether or not they have inhabitable planets in the Imperium Continuum.

EarthSol0,0,0Imp. Capitol
Hick??Imp. Sponsored Colony


Monday's Planet of Doom

These are just ideas for a first game. All are subject to change see

  • Mirkin Monday name negotiable: Engineer Grade 3 in the Imperial Engineering Corps, serving

on the name to be decided.

  • Professor Fuller J McMadden: Prof. of all sciences at Cowpat U, Planet Hick
  • Mandy McMadden. Daughter of Prof McMadden. Runs the farm where she lives with the Professor and

their servobot, Keiko


What you'd expect in 2470AD


Imperial space ships are rather grand.


Ostentatious in seats of power. Prefab and vernacular in colonies.


Varied yet effective.

Games set in the Imperium Continuum

None so far