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Allegro Rupee Trading System jobs

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Allegro Rupee Trading System
Performance Reviews

Here you can post jobs for others to perform. I suggest you copy and adapt the example below.

Allegro Rupee Trading System - Job listings

job description skills required current state
website redesign PHP + xml completed
I want to create an OpenGL extension of my tilemapping library. I've been putting this off because I don't know OpenGL well enough. OpenGL in 2D skills needed. openGL in 2D in progress
job description skills required current state
Drawing game gfx: I need graphics for a Bejeweled type of game. I need 7 jewels of different colours and shapes, preferably shiny and colourful. Board tiles are 48x48 so the jewels need to fit inside that. I'd also need tile gfx (two types, like for a chess board), panel borders and backgrounds, some overlays to indicate selected jewels and a nice shiny mouse cursor. Either pixel art or 3D modelling and rendering completed
Dustin Dettmer
job description skills required current state
Perl lab work perl done
job description skills required current state
Log analyzer/visualizer: Read in a bunch of log files (format is defined), merge them (sorted according to timestamps) and display the result in ordered, appealing form. There are no restrictions on the technology used, as long as it runs at least under Windows XP (Linux support highly appreciated). JRE, .NET RE or a running httpd (PHP, MySQL) may be used, although a neat "just run the executable"-package is preferred. Source code must be provided for (possible) future adaptions. There are some functional requirements, the rest is entirely up to you ;-). Details disclosed on interest - payment is negotiable. Programming skills and common sense completed
job description skills required current state
Starmap browser: Program a system that allows user to form up pretty complex universe with solar systems, space anomalities and such. (More detailed info available for those intrested). Not a game. Purpose of this is to easen the creation of my personal Scifi / Fantasy project. The project has so many worlds and places it is hard to keep them real without good maps, and my papermaps are starting to look like crap and there are just way too many of them. The system is supposed to be visually atleast something like MOO3 game. Dont worry about the graphics, the creator may use just simple gfx, i will myself do the hard gfx later on. For more details -> samuli.jomppanen (at) Thread set up at ( Programming skills (Maybe 3D if possible? (OGL?)). Payment, lets discuss open

job description skills required current state
Help with getting (presumably broken) water and/or slime shader to work in GLSL. See this thread at ( OpenGL, GLSL, experience with what can go wrong when writing a shader open