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This page is intended as a summary of the discussion on the new allegro mascot. The discussion itself was originally taking place at this thread.

The process that was outlined in that thread failed for various reasons. Now the only place where the discussion is still going on is here (check the last post in that thread to get an idea of how it might work out in the end; to sum it up: someone will just have to create a final polished suggestion for a mascot and submit it to the developers and they'll either accept it or not but there will be no committee, no voting, no nothing).

Well, could do (non-anonymous) voting on the wiki, just create a sub-page where everyone states which ones they prefer (lot's of votes for Allefro on an poll wouldn't have helped us anyway :P). --Elias 17:01, August 4, 2007 (UTC)

Mascot suggestions

Here are suggestions thus far. Don't add suggestions here directly, but put them on this thread first.

Adam the Ape

Suggested by Elias

He has 4 hands, so he can write code twice as fast.

As Allegro logo, he shows the productivity you gain by using Allegro, it sort of gives you an extra pair of hands by means of it's well designed API.

Albert the Albatross

Suggested by Trent Gamblin

He's high flying, free, and efficient.

Albert should become the Allegro mascot because his characteristics are like that of Allegro. The "Free as in Bird" thing could still apply. Also, I think he would be "cute" like Alex is.


Suggested by Matthew Leverton

See the top left corner of the wiki. Give him any name other than Alex, and remove all references to alex and the original bitmaps from the Allegro source. Maybe a slightly different look / default pose to further differentiate from "alex."

Justification: It's not amateur or lame. I'd also be in favor of any other animal or non-ridiculous creature drawn in the same style.

My name suggestion: Alligato the Alligator? I.e. how Japanese pronounce what they say when they mean "thank you" :) --Elias 14:53, July 25, 2007 (UTC)
CGamesPlay 14:01, December 7, 2007 (UTC)
I like Alligato the Alligator. That gets my vote.
Cody the Crocodile? (code-E the Crocodile) -- TeamTerradactyl


Suggested by Amarillion

Allegrotron is not an animal, but a cute little pet robot that likes to do fun things. He is very handy and agile, and enjoys being programmed to play video games against human opponents. He is looking for human friends to program him and play with.

I think Allegrotron should be the mascotte because it symbolizes what allegro stands for: geeks having fun programming and fooling around with video games.

Alice the Allgedron

Suggested by Elias

I also have a suggestion, picking up Alan the Allegrosaurus - I would like to give it wings, and make it Alice the Allgedron, the little winged dragon of Allegro. Unlike it's old, heavy, slow and outdated dinosaur predecessor, it's fast and lively and bright, with a clean API, motivating to write many games

Amanda The Antelope

Suggested by Dennis

She's quick, friendly, bright and lively. She should be the mascot for Allegro, because Allegro is quick, lively and bright as well and besides, she can be the substitute girlfriend for every Allegroid who doesn't have one. Amanda loves you and she will never let you down.

Don Allegato

Suggested by Amarillion

Don Allegato is the Latin Lover Alleycat. Allegato is cool. He has style. He has all the sex appeal that the game developers themselves lack :) Don Allegato would make a good logo for allegro because it would symbolize the style that we want and programmer's art often lacks.

Herbert the Human

Suggested by Slartibartfast

He is smart and adaptable, and his hands (complete with opposable thumbs) allow him to create and use his own tools. He is smart enough to handle things on his own, as well as give out advice to other people in need. Truly, all would want to be like Herbert, he is after all one of the most successful life forms on earth.

Leggy the Allegro Code-Crawler

Suggested by Kibiz0r

Sort of like a millipede, Leggy is a many-legged creature that enjoys games, because he can button mash and combo like nobody's business; and programming, because he can type G [] words per minute. Having lots of legs has it's advantages.

I envision Leggy communicating through signs, a la Wile E. Coyote. But that's really up to individual interpretation.

The reason I thought of this character is because his length allows him to weave throughout the word "Allegro" and his primary feature ties in nicely with the name of the library: Allegro.

Oh, I almost forgot: He is also very awkward around female code-crawlers and asks for help from his geeky friends on a programming forum. 8-) Millipede1-small.png

Oh no! Why does he eat a kitten? I vote strongly against this very evil creature :P --Elias 20:25, July 23, 2007 (UTC)
Actually, here is the relevant part enlarged: Kitty.png --Elias 10:57, July 28, 2007 (UTC)
I agree with Elias. How about a less evil looking Leggy that doesn't eat kittens. Andrei Ellman 21:20, August 15, 2007 (UTC)

Paca, Paquita or Francisca The White Pigeon

Suggested by Dennis

She is intelligent, is peaceful and helpful and free. She should be the mascot for Allegro, because then the slogan "Allegro - Free As In Bird(not beer)" can be used. Also, white pigeons are a peace symbol and birds have also always been a symbol for freedom, which the Allegro giftware license provides to the developer using it. (all those names seem to have the meaning "free")



Originally suggested by Peter Wang as the name of a bloated version of Allegro bundled with add-ons. As 4.4 is intended to be partly this then here is a mascot for that version

If someone with some drawing skills could also sketch some other suggestions, that would help people like me who can only imagine something if they see it tremendously - right now my vote would go for this one just because it's the only one I can imagine :) --Elias 16:15, July 20, 2007 (UTC)


Suggested by Thomas Harte.

Al is the sans-serif capital letter A anthropomorphised such that the two lower juts are legs and the cross bar is extended slightly into arms. The logo would then be the A running from left to right on an archetypal platform game style ledge, sometimes with 'llegro' printed in a generic sans-serif font (Arial or Helvetica or something like that) immediately to the right of Al to spell out Allegro.

Just a thought: The legs of Al look like 'L's so we just need to have Al followed by 'EGRO'. Now that I think about it, 'Egro' could become some sort of secondary Mascot to complement 'Al' Andrei Ellman 21:31, August 6, 2007 (UTC)
Thinking about it more, 'EGRO' is an anagram of 'OGRE' Andrei Ellman 21:33, August 6, 2007 (UTC)
Pergaps the 'L' of the second leg could be followed by 'EG' to spell 'LEG'. The 'RO' could be an abbreviation of 'Run Over', and Al would run over the 'RO'. Andrei Ellman 21:38, August 6, 2007 (UTC)

Mysha the mouse

An image of Mysha has been included in the Allegro distribution since the early days. So why not have a mascot based on Mysha. I think that one of 23yrold3yrold's avatars involved Mysha with sunglasses and a goatee. Perhaps we could make a mascot out of that.

But Mysha is currently missing, carrying a deadly disease! [1] - Matthew Leverton 01:38, August 7, 2007 (UTC)

Al Leggy the Allegro leg

Suggested by Andrei Ellman

Al Leggy (or Albert Legworth IV as he's known in full (the IV corresponds to Allegro's major version number)) is an anthropomorphic leg (complete with foot) with his face on the side of his foot. Al hops around from code-fragment to code-fragment explaining what each one does.

If it is decided to illustrate the manual by using the mascot in different poses, then Al could hop into a puddle and cause a splash. For example, in the bit about graphics, Al could have just landed in a multicoloured puddle with splashes of different colours flying out. In the music section, he could splash a puddle of musical notes, and in the Unicode section, the puddle could be glyphs of many different writing-systems. The keyboard routines section could be a puddle of keys, the mouse routines could be a puddle of live mice (fortunately, none of them get hurt - they just run away) - Mysha being one of them. The file compression routines could be Leggy squashing some abstract object that represents a file by landing on it.

Magic Oink

Suggested by Johan Halmén


Someone made a funny typo in a post on, which inspired me to this image. Someone else actually suggested this could be the Allegro Mascot.

Magic oink.svg

Vectorised and slightly edited in Inkscape.

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