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MinGW is a Windows port of the GNU compiler collection. It provides the C/C++ compiler, the development headers and associated program (like the debugger). It is often used by people developing on Windows. Many IDE's can use it as their compiler of choice, like Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks.

MinGW with MSYS

When compiling remember to include -lalleg Example:

$ gcc exhello.c -lalleg

MinGW Under Vista

Due to some changes in the Windows and poor design choices on the part of the MinGW crew the process of using it under Vista is different from using it in, say, WinXP. To enable the compiler to work at all, you need to do the following steps:

In the commandline, enter:

set PATH=C:\mingw\bin;%PATH%

set MINGDIR=C:\mingw

If you installed MinGW somewhere else, alter the directories in the commands accordingly.