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Pixelate issues
Issue 1 The Awakening 95%
Issue 2 The Danger Issue 95%
Issue 3 The Clean Issue 1%
Issue 4 Pixelate Reborn 1%
Issue 5 The Bumper Issue 0%
Issue 6 The Noname Issue 0%
Issue 7 New Year Edition 0%
Issue 8 The Birthday Issue 0%
Issue 9 Pixelate Reborn II 0%
Issue 10 Delayed Action 91%
Issue 11 Handover Issue 94%
Issue 12 Back-on-Track Ed. 50%
Issue 13 The Diet Issue 99%
Issue 14 The Fools Issue 99%
Issue 15 MIA Issue 10%

Pixelate Game Development Magazine is an online publication featuring articles and columns on the topic of game development. Pixelate aims to address all of the topics associated with indie game development, from programming to media.

Pixelate Credits


Pixelate Magazine was originally published by Tom "Grudge" Van den Bon under the title "Pixelate Diskmag" in March 2001, featuring 8 articles. The magazine was instantly a success, and issue 2 came out in April 2001, with 10 articles. Pixelate reached its height in September, featuring several articles every issue for a year.

Tom, the editor, had become too busy to keep putting out issues at this point, so it was taken over by Adrian "RamboBones" Danis. The pace of the magazine slowed down during this time but issues kept coming for another 5 issues before the magazine went stagnant.

After several years, Bobby "BAF" Ferris decided to try to revive Pixelate. The original domain Pixelate used was no longer going to be supported, so he mirrored the issues on his web site. He began to convert the old issues to a Wiki format, which has since been merged with the Allegro Wiki, where the effort still continues.

Wiki conversion

To the right you can find all of the Pixelate issues that have been transferred to the Allegro Wiki. So far, only a few articles have been transferred, so any help with this is appreciated.

The original articles that need to be wikified can be found here.