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Pixelate:Issue 10

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Pixelate Issue 10


Welcome to the long awaited (and I mean very long) Pixelate Issue #10. Things have been so busy since the previous Issue that alot of people are starting to think that Pixelate has gone dead. As usual it's been a pretty hectic past few months. Things at work are really starting to get out of control with all the deadlines coming closer and closer. I've also moved into my own apartment a month ago and I must say it's quite an experience moving out of home and starting to pay all the bills on my own. Yikes. Atleast I'm still alive and kicking (and eating every day).

This issue is packed with information and articles which many of you will hopefully find very interesting. As usual you can send all comments to Because of the delay and absence of myself the articles coming in has slowed down to a complete halt. I want to encourage you to please send in those articles again. If you want to see Pixelate then I want to see some articles !! ;-). Most of you think that writing articles is all that we need from you, but in fact anything will do: Screenshots of your latest game, Source code, game graphics, game music. You name it !. If you wrote some cool application or game which you want to share, let me know and I'll gladly put it in Pixelate. We're also looking for some more people who could write us some regular columns.

I know this issue looks a bit small, but alot of work has gone into it. I'd like to thank the proofreaders, article writers and everybody not giving up hope on Pixelate. You won't be dissapointed. And greetings going to Master Goodbytes, Matthew Leverton, Gash and everybody who has helped me out in the past. And also a big kiss to my girlfriend who has supported everything I've ever tried to take on.

Please people I want to keep Pixelate alive, but I'll need your help. So if you think you can help anywhere then please send me an email at

Tom Van den Bon Pixelate Editor



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