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Pixelate:Issue 11

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Pixelate Issue 11


Well it's been a while but here we are, back again :). I'm going to take the time in this editorial to fill you guys in on what's been happening with pixelate.

First off Grudge is taking the backseat now so I, Adrian, am taking over as pixelate editor. This'll mean two things, 1. because I have free time in abundance issues will actually come out on time and 2. well... same as 1 :D.

Hopefully the next issue will come out in a month, or at most two, depending on how many articles we get.

The SpeedHack review that was originally in this issue, before I took over, was rather old, and bits were missing, so I've had to remove it from this release :(. I promise you guys Pixelate is back and it's coming out on time now!

Adrian Danis (aka RamboBones)



Game Design

Graphics Programming

General Programming

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