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Pixelate:Issue 13

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Pixelate Issue 13


Well as I'm sure you can see this issue is pretty thin, this is due to a number of reasons with Christmas, the New Year and people going away the main ones :D. Alot of the 'regular' stuff which Pixelate use to have such as game reviews and competition information has been missing for the last couple of issues but not to worry we'll get cracking at it again next issue.

Acording to my theory of v=n*50 where 'v' is the number of people visiting a website and 'n' is the number of people signing up on that websites forum then Pixelate has about 4000 regular viewers. I have no idea if this is correct or not but it is certainly a nice statistic :). So go on, go sign up on the forums and screw my statistics to hell.

Well this brings us to the end of another boring and useless editorial. Read the articles in here, give thanks to the authors and then tell all your friends about us :). See you all in two months


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