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Pixelate:Issue 14

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Pixelate Issue 14


Welcome to the latest issue of Pix... ohh hell, you already know what this is, so I'll dispense with the boring introductions for a change. I'm not sure if you've noticed but introductions which state the obvious tend to be very boring and can put the ready to sleep? I think that's a rhetorical question actually...

First you may have noticed that there is no longer a place for 'Regular Columns' on the left hand menu. This has been removed because nobody seems interested in writing a regular column, except for one person. So until I get three people willing to write a regular column for each issue of Pixelate it will stay gone

Some of you may have noticed that the visual look of Pixelate has changed slightly. Well that's because it has. I did some tinkering with the style sheets so that I could remove some font setting from each individual HTML file, yes I know it should've been done that way in the first place but I didn't do it in the first place so you can't blame me.

A few people have suggested to me that the Pixelate magazine is outdated and needs a flashy face lift, you know nice graphics etc instead of plain text on a white background. While I find the clean simple layout of Pixelate refreshing from bandwidth hogging sites. Naturally I want to know what you, the Pixelate reader, thinks. Say something in the forums or drop us a line.

So many last minute submissions this issue! If there are formatting errors or other problems with the articles then my apologies, just had so much to do. But the upside of that is that we have alot of content this issue! I thought about holding some of it off for next issue but I figure I'd live dangerously and hope I can scrape together enough articles other the next two months. If that hint wasn't subtle enough then I'll say it outright that all articles need to be in by the end of May! By the way, you don't have to write stuff specifically for Pixelate, if you have any articles on your site then by all means submit them, or you can recommend obscure articles that you find on the net, by this I mean don't submit articles off places like

See you all in two months


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Game Programming

Graphics Programming

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