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The Project Depot is a section of where developers can showcase their Allegro games and utilities.

Features of the Project Depot

The Depot is divided into sections based on genre, such as Action, Board Games, Strategy, etc, for easier browsing of projects. Some of these genres are then divided further for more convenience. When searching through projects, options such as the number of players, supported operating system and whether there is an online mode can be selected to refine the search.

Project listings state details such as the version number, the current status of the project and whether the source code is available. If their are any sceenshots or reviews of the project these are also available.

Submitting Projects to the Depot

To submit a project, you must first be a member. If you're not already a member, you can join by filling out the form here. Once you are signed up and logged in, you can submit projects through the Add a Project link in the Control Centre.

There are three requirements a project must fulfil to be considered for the Depot.

  1. The project must use Allegro, either the existing Allegro 4 or the upcoming Allegro 5.
  2. The project must also be either a game or application/utility; libraries may not be submitted to the Depot (they can be submitted elsewhere).
  3. The project must already have an existing download location.

If you do not have your own personal web space to host your project, you can apply for the personal web space that all members are offered as part of their membership. To do so, go here. There are also many free web space providers all across the internet (just google 'free web space' to find a few).

The next step in the process is to wait. Adding projects to the Depot is not an automated process, and is done when Matthew Leverton has time to do so. Sometimes this can take a while, so please don't bother him, or anyone else, with questions about when your project will appear. The answer will always be 'when it does.'

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