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This is a short wiki page to keep track of who will be doing what to promote the use of Allegro. Based on this forum thread: .

Your ideas welcome :)



  • Most difficult: Providing precompiled binaries for more / all platforms
  • New logo
  • Mark Allegro 4 as deprecated and "hide" it on key pages everywhere, new users shouldn't see a difference between "Allegro" and "Allegro 5"


  • New, more useful getting started page (Allegro 5 only), draft is here: Getting_Started_v2, should be linked at from
  • More (well-documented) tutorials, at least one for each addon
  • General getting started tutorial for Allegro5
  • Check existing tutorials (SiegeLord has seen wrong statements in some of them)
  • Cleanup?
  • General "Introduction to C-programming" / compiling and linking info (links)

Offical Website (

  • Redesign
  • Merge front page and introduction page, news shouldn't occupy the whole front page
  • List of features, detailed and nicely grouped (could even feature short code sample to see how nice and easy-to-use the API is)
  • New front page text New_front_page_text_for_website

  • Sync the news feed of with, so to have at least the current latest version news on
  • Remove outdated content (Resource Directory!!!)
  • Try to be a more welcoming community ;)


  • Make sure they work acceptably everywhere (SiegeLord has almost finished this, second person could check, Edgar Reynaldo has volunteered)
  • Command-line-only examples should do something even when launched from a GUI environment (even just saying "Run me from the command line!" is helpful).
  • Many examples require a file to be specified: hard-code a default file since we have many example files available
  • Code cleanup (probably quite an undertaking :) )


Simple things

  • Provide short examples for more complicated functions
  • Document the types of function arguments, and make sure they actually match the function declaration

Advanced things (may require in-depth study of source code)

  • Document defaults and failure modes for functions. Some functions say that they can fail... what happens when they fail? Some functions change options (e.g. display options), what are their default values?
  • Document thread safety. Some functions are safe to call from multiple threads, some are not. Which ones?


  • needs updating as well