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=External Links=
=External Links=
* [ Pastebin] - Online access to browsing and editing Allegro's qdb.
* [ Pastebin] - Official #Allegro pastebin.

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Redundant, the IRC Bot, is one of the primary channel bots for #allegro. It's features are mostly useless, however.

Useful Features

  • Pastebin - Announces pastes to the pastebin assuming #Allegro is specified.
  • Google Calculator - Will use Google Calculator to solve something. For example, "!gcalc 10 gigabytes in megabytes" or "!gcalc 3+4" or even "!gcalc the answer to life the universe and everything"
  • Weather - You can get current weather conditions or forecast by typing !wz (for weather) or !wzf (for forecast) followed by a US zip code, city/state/country combo, or airport code.
  • Bash Quote DB - You can get a random bash quote by typing !bash, search for a bash quote by appending your search after !bash, or request a specific quote number by appending that after !bash.
  • Emotion - Various emotional type response are around, like !stfu, !lick, !beat, and !tase (complete list available by typing !help).

Useless Features

  • Pimpshit - You can pimpslasp people, or pimp-ize some text by using !nizzle.
  • Easter Eggs - Random annoying easter eggs. Use DRM in a sentence to see an example of the annoyance.

External Links