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This article is incomplete and needs some revision or has some pending TODOs. Please help Allegro by editing and finishing it. When the article becomes complete, you may remove this tag.

Wrapping up Allegro How-TO. Based on the 4.0.3 release.

The following steps must be done under Linux. Make sure you have the necessary software installed.

1. Update your local CVS copy:

  cvs -z3 update -r allegro_4_0_branch -Pd
  Look over file tree and remove any temporary files.

2. Create ChangeLog: -F allegro_4_0_branch -l '-d">2002-03-17"'
  where 2002-03-17 is the date of the latest release.
  Use the generated ChangeLog file to update the docs/changes._tx
  and docs/thanks._tx files. Remove the ChangeLog file after use or
  move it to some other place.

3. Commit docs/changes._tx and docs/thanks._tx to the CVS repository.

4. Update the DLL symbol definitions:

  • only* for WIP releases: rm misc/dllsyms.lst
  chmod +x misc/ [problem in the CVS repository]
  misc/ --update-symbol-list

5. Commit misc/dllsyms.lst to the CVS repository.

6. Tag CVS repository: 'cvs tag v4-0-3'

7. Set the locale to en_US or en_UK:

  export LC_ALL=en_US

8. Fix version number: 'misc/ 4 0 3'

9. Make sure demo.dat is present in the 'demo' sub-directory.

10. Make sure the working directory is called 'allegro'.

11. Make sure the installed version of GNU autoconf is the right one.

12. Make .zip distro. Have the previous archive in parent directory.


13. Make Unix distros. In the parent directory:


14. Check that the RPM file can be installed and compiled without problems.

   Also check if the patch applies ok. (

15. Use misc/ to make Windows binary distro. This script must

   be run under djgpp Bash having MSVC installed.
   If you do not have these installed, create a new windows binary
   distro based on the old one, update all text files and scripts and
   update the dlls with some you make with mingw32 using the newly
   created .zip distro. (

16. Upload all packages to Sourceforge using the FRS (File Release

   System). Use CHANGES as the basis for the release notes.

17. Announce the new release to the Allegro mailinglist:

   <>, make sure you add URLs to both the
   Allegro homepage and the Allegro sourceforge download page.
   Also include the release notes and anything else you wish to add.

18. Ask the webmaster to update the Allegro homepage.

   For the moment this is Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz.

19. Convert local files back to Unix format, bump version number,

   and commit changed files.
   ./ unix
   misc/ 4 0 4 CVS
   cvs -z3 commit -m "Bumped version to 4.0.4 (CVS)"

By: Henrik Stokseth, October, 2001. Modified by: Eric Botcazou, April 2003.