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This page contains links to Allegro-specific resources. For links to more generic, game-programming resources, see here.


Allegro 5: Programmation de jeux en C ou C++, by Frédéric Drouillon

Online Tutorials

Example Programs

I'm Sorry What

Worth of the following resources is questionable. Reasons are provided. Feelings are not.

C++ Allegro 5 Made Easy, by CodingMadeEasy

Shortly after the one-minute mark of the first installment, the tutorial author makes the following comment, demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of C/C++ programming in general:

Allegro 5 is now C++ supported. Allegro 4 and earlier versions supported the C programming language.

Still, like an old fart reaching by searching from Yahoo, the forty installments in this tutorial likely produce results one way or another. Use with caution.