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SpeedHack is the primary competition for the Allegro community, hosted by The basis for the competition is to create a game in a 72 hour period over the course of one weekend. The competition is held approximately once every 13 months, and was last held in July of 2009. See the previous competition listing for all previous dates.


In addition to the strict time restriction, the total size of the game's download—a zip file containing the graphics and source code—must be less than 250 kilobytes.

For each competition a set of additional rules is also made using a roulette selector. These rules are classified as genre, technical, and artistic requirements.

  • Genre requirements define a general theme for the game. For example, one genre requirement reads, "Games take themselves too seriously and try to copy reality. Instead, your game should feature a healthy dose of surreality. Broaden your mind!" Exactly one genre requirement is chosen for each competition.
  • Technical requirements are those that affect the way the game is coded. For instance, one technical requirement reads, "The game must feature objects that are attracted to other objects. This can be gravity, magnetics or anything similar." There will be either one or two technical requirements for each competition.
  • Artistic requirements change the way that the game is played. For example, one artistic requirement reads, "The game must have at least two secret levels which have a style that is completely different from the rest of game." There will be either one or two technical requirements for each competition.

Finally, there will be one or two bonus rules. These rules allow you to skip one of the requirements, but you must fulfill some other requirement instead. For example, one bonus rule reads, "You may take any one rule and reverse it. This only applies to relevant rules, meaning said rule should have an obvious reverse situation associated with it."

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