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Shut fitting sweat pants or zipped wind pants are incredibly decent choices for each boys and females. Jeans do not possess a lot capability to stretch, they highly comfortably absorb moisture, and they're actually slow to dry, which might cause them to become a significantly significantly less optimum alternative for skating.

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Setup Allegro 5 in Windows : CodeBlocks 16.01 + GCC + Allegro 5.2.11

To download before all

Code::Blocks << >>  

NOTE : Get the version (with setup or not) without Mingw !

MinGW/GCC << >>  

NOTE : Get your version of GCC 5.3 or + recommended !

Allegro 5.2.11 << >>  

NOTE : Get the binaries Allegro 5.2 library !

1 - Install Code::Blocks

2 - Extract Mingw in local disk --> example : D:\mingw32

3 - Run Code::Blocks

3 - Configure Code::Blocks compiler with your MINGW :

 Setting Compiler :
 -> Code::Blocks -> Settings -> Compiler... -> Global compiler settings -> ToolChain executables
 NOTE :Select with the filechooser !
 - Select Directory --> example : D:\mingw32 
 - C compiler                : gcc.exe
 - C++ compiler              : g++.exe
 - Linker for dynamic libs   : g++.exe
 - Linker for static libs    : ar.exe
 - Debugger                  : GDB/CDB debugger : Default
 - Resource compiler         : windres.exe
 - Make program              : mingw32-make.exe
 - OK
 Setting Debugger :
 -> Code::Blocks -> Settings -> Debugger... -> GDB/CDB debugger -> Default
 NOTE :Select with the filechooser !
 - Executable path           : select "gdb.exe" ( example : D:\mingw32\bin\gdb.exe )
 - OK

4 - Extract Allegro 5.2 Library --> example : D\SDK\Allegro5211

5 - Configure Code::Blocks search directories for ALLEGRO 5:

 -> Code::Blocks -> Settings -> Compiler... -> Global compiler settings -> Search directories
 -> Compiler          : Add --> example : D:\SDK\Allegro5211\include
 -> Linker            : Add --> example : D:\SDK\Allegro5211\lib
 -> Resource Compiler : Add --> example : D:\SDK\Allegro5211\bin

Good job ! now Code::Blocks setting is DONE :)

next step comming soon...