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This was imported from the old wiki and was in the page. I'm copying it to here (Victorwss 12:35, January 23, 2007 (MST)):

Thought this might be a decent place to put up some documentation about the internals as they evolve. But actually, I don't like it. Maintaining comments and external documentation for the internal API is not a good idea, and having to remark it up for Wiki syntax is a pain. This is one place where we really could use something like doxygen... with nicer output. --pw

And I think I've found it: Requires very little extra markup (basically just write "Function: blah" above any function you want output for) and the output seems nice. In our case we need to tell it to ignore "Note:" keywords. What do you reckon? --pw

This looks much nicer than doxygen for sure. I still do think a wiki-like editing would be best though, since I find source code is hard to read if it has some pages of comments in it. And here we can also better handle comments. But well, dunno.. here is not the best option as well, so far I spent more time trying to figure out TWiki stuff than writing content :/ --ep

The internal API stuff should be deleted. They're useless and we have naturaldocs anyway. Is it okay if I just deleted the references to those pages? What happens to orphan pages? --pw

The wikipedia way (which we adopted) is to put any pages you want deleted to vfd - but in this case, I can just delete them. (Oh, and since we have mediawiki now, you can now use --~~~~ to sign your comment like this (or click the button looking like a signature to insert it) --Elias 10:32, May 7, 2007 (MDT)
Actually, I went ahead, uploaded the internal naturaldocs version, linked to it, and deleted those two pages. --Elias 10:44, May 7, 2007 (MDT)