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Pixelate authors

Should the credits for the original authors be kept on the wiki, and if so, where? Having the authors name in the heading at the top of the page doesn't seem very wiki-ish. Kauhiz 05:17, February 17, 2007 (MST)

Maybe a section at the bottom titled Author ? -- Tomasu 05:34, February 17, 2007 (MST)

Pixelate formatting

The pixelate articles are not much mediawiki-friendly. So how they should be formatted? Just a raw dump of the original ones? Maybe something different? And by the way, should they contents be changed by anyone who wishes to do it or should them be protect and the contents frozed as historic material?

And the articles names doesn't looks good. Issue XY: Blah Blah is not very good. Maybe Pixelate: Issue XY: Blah Blah is better? Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva 14:16, March 12, 2007 (MST)

Technically we are not within our rights to modify the articles at all without permission from the authors. Personally however, I see nothing wrong with fixing code bugs, spelling and grammar errors, and general clean ups of formatting. It would be a good idea to contact as many of the authors as possible and see if they are ok with us fixing up their articles.
Yep, I think we definitely should do that, and try to get those articles and new articles to use some proper license, like GFDL, and then encourage everyone to improve them. There is no reason to try and restrict articles to this site, if they are good and other sites want to use them (under the license terms), why not. Works well for Wikipedia. --Elias 14:52, March 12, 2007 (MST)
Second, I'm of the oppinion that Pixelate should be its own namespace, Issues get their own top level page in that namespace, and Articles in the issues get sub pages: ie: Pixelate:Issue 1/Editorial/ But instead of the "pretend" namespace we currently give to Issues, I'll actually add "Pixelate" to the config so mediawiki knows about it, and we can take advantage of the various features that namespaces get. Tomasu 14:41, March 12, 2007 (MST)
Sounds good. I also like Matthew's suggestion to further change the naming and move articles into a flat namespace. So an article about AllegroGL will just be an article about AllegroGL, nobody cares in which pixelate issue it was first published. This can wait until after we have all the articles copied over though, which might take years still. (On the other hand, once work starts getting done and all people who edited the wiki so far are motivated to help, could be finished quickly. We'll see.) --Elias 14:52, March 12, 2007 (MST)
About the namespaces, should we just move them to Pixelate:Issue XY:blah blah, Pixelate: Issue XY: blah blah or Pixelate: Issue XY/blah blah or the creation of the namespace would be something more complicated? Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva 14:59, March 12, 2007 (MST)
Pixelate:Issue X/Article/Article Sub Page is what I'm looking at. Creating a real Namespace for it isn't a problem at all. And it should allow us to restrict editing to just one group like "PixelateAuthors" and of course "Bureaucrats" ;D -- Tomasu 15:03, March 12, 2007 (MST)


I have added a new paragraph about editors. I would be gratfull if some of the elders ;) could check the info (and English, of course). -- Ron Ophir 10:47, April 27, 2007 (MDT)

-- Well, it's slightly inaccurate. Tom totally dropped off the Pixelate scene, and I came into my spot as webmaster right as Adrian became editor. Adrian handled all of the publishing and everything, Tom had no involvement that I know of.