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ZOMGxuan -- I've modified goalie's section on semaphore based timing to explain how to use semaphores on Mac OS X, as the functions sem_init and sem_destroy do not work on Mac OS X, and sem_open, sem_close, and sem_unlink must be used instead

goalieCa -- I've added a section on semaphore based timing for yielding the threads to the cpu. I originally discussed this method on the forums but here is the latest thread i can remember [1]

NeilW - in the FPS/Simple example why not change the fps timer from 1/10th to simply 1 second then you can get rid of the conditional checks and simply store the FPS?

NeilW - I found this section by chance searching, how come it isn't listed anywhere in the articles? I've searched via the menu in Articles every link and have not found this article.

TF - Its marked as a "C language" and "Allegro Tutorials", I've just added "Programming" as well. Should make it easier to find.