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Translucent drawing

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Translucent drawing means rendering bitmaps so that the underlying image remains partially visible. The effect is often used to create shadows, lighting, "ghost" images and other effects. The teqhnique involves reading from both the source and destination bitmaps, so it's much slower than regular blitting.


A very basic example: <highlightSyntax language="c"> //Set translucent drawing to use shadow_alpha as the alpha value set_trans_blender(0, 0, 0, shadow_alpha); drawing_mode(DRAW_MODE_TRANS, 0, 0, 0);

//Draw a regular sprite draw_sprite(buffer, player_sprite, player_x, player_y);

//Draw the player's shadow using translucent drawing draw_trans_sprite(buffer, player_shadow, shadow_x, shadow_y);

//Return to regular drawing mode solid_mode(); </highlightSyntax>


  • Translucent drawing is extremely slow on video bitmaps. You should only use it on memory bitmaps.